Friday, October 22, 2010

What if u dont knw wat u want frm life!!!!!

Ya m can b really exasperatng smtimes,wen u dont knw what do u want 2 do n what r u doing in life.....for ex. lemme take myself.....M doing B.Sc Biotech, thinking of crackng CAT or UPSC or evn TOFFEL....n i Love writing n literature......Bt still i dnt knw what i really prefr!!!
U can term dis as Height of Confusion.....
N if v talk in general, der r many more idiots like me....confusion is in d air....Evry1 thinks, "wat can v do in dis field, der r already so many gr8 performrs present....v r nothng in cmparisn 2 dose personalities..."
But does any1 thinks dat evn dose performrs came into existnce by oveshadwong d earlier ones...
well,2 b honest i also used 2 think d same abt writing dat wat i will write....or hw cn i touch d levels of d gr8 a few lines whch i read in d novel "The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks changd my views...d lines wer.....
"U cant choose what u write.Noone comes down 2 u, sitting on a pink cloud, and says, 'I' m going to give u d ability to write.So which talent do u want?? D Jane Austen model,dat lives forevr,or, d kind dat makes u lot of money while u r alive but dies when u do? Noone gives u dat choice. U jst take watevr talent u r given and thank God four times a day for giving u any talent at all!!!"

So friends i think these lines must hav inspired  u too,as dey talk not only abt d writing, bt abt d evry talent.....n all of us have talent inside us....v jst need 2 xplore it n den try 2 make bst out of it......
So strt xploring it..........{n if u dnt knw hw 2 xplore......well, den v will discuss abt dat too!!}


  1. yeah very tru...
    But one thing is for sure even if any one claims he knws wht he wants frm life even then it cannt be tru.. bcos our wants change each day. and each achievement leaves a desire to achieve another..

    anyways nyc blog n my story some what same as urs...

  2. hey first of all congrats on your blog entry being published in d news-paper!!
    i found yr entry realy inspiring,and i agree btw.. talents r not god gifted,one has to work on it!!
    but its very bothering somtyms tryin to figure out wt is d right choice out of d many interests n talents u hav..

  3. @Bhagyashree- Agreed!! The point is one should atleast find out what is one's actual desire. It's true that one achievement opens up the way for pursuing another, but there is one such desire which makes you to lust for it even when its fulfilled. This desire is the reason for an actual success!!

  4. @Minakshi- Thanx a lot! I guess the most confusing and bothering aspect is differentiating between one's 'talent', 'interest' and 'work'..!!

  5. So.Damn. True!! Thers something of each option tht i like! :\ Its so difficult to make the right choice cuz i dun know whts right in the first place! :P

  6. Yeah. The main problem is to understand, what is the right thing for me...!